Ask Pratik Anything!

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In the last few years, I have answered many technical and career doubts of people.

What I regret about this now is the information is lost in different places - LinkedIn and WhatsApp chats. Many questions have been really good and I wish I had done this QA in a more structured way.

From now on, you can ask me anything over here and I will try to answer them sooner or later in the best way possible.

I am comfortable in general data science and NLP but feel free to stretch my limits :P

I also encourage others to share a better answer :)

Question Format

  • 1 line title of the problem

    ex. Classification for customer reviews

  • Explain the problem

  • Explain the data in terms of x(input) and y(output)

  • Mention if any solution didn’t work out

  • Share any solution that comes to your mind