5 Steps To Get Away Looking Smart In A Talk When You Actually Aren't

The art of credibility

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Recently I have been watching the TV series “How to get away with murder” inspired by the SSR case controversy. Then I saw a data science talk given by a person I absolutely despise. This gave me the idea of why not write a recipe on delivering a talk on a topic which you hardly know anything about.

A lot of experts consider themselves fool and vice versa. The consequence is that a lot of fools consider themselves good enough to give talks. This happens a lot with people who are in the first phase of the Seth-Godin curve. Some are a victim of this phenomenon while some are deliberate cheaters who plan every move.

Step 1 - Select topic

This is the most important step.

Select a topic which is very recent and interesting to the audience. It doesn’t matter if you have any background on the topic.

The recency of the topic leads to a good turnover of audience. And it makes sure that people cannot ask tough questions as hardly anyone knows about it.

Step 2 - Get content

Read 3 long articles on the topic. Copy the code snippets and images from it.

Make slides formatted enough to look professional.

Step 3 - Rig the questions

One of the biggest fear in the mind of speakers is what if somebody asks a tough question! The solution is to rig the questions beforehand and not take any random questions. Make friends with the coordinator.

Step 4 - Give the talk

Make sure to confuse the audience using jargons and code snippets. Show code rather than explain the physics of the working. Explaining code is easy and fills up time. Give shallow explanations and make it look easy. Things look easy automatically when you speak less.

Keep the talk short so that you don’t need to research. This also becomes an excuse for not sharing enough due to scarcity of time. Nobody tells you that you could have done this longer :P

Step 5 - Get views

Share talk link at multiple places to get enough views to make the talk look like a success.

Well, this might look like a tutorial to give a fake talk but my original agenda is to share how to detect such people in plain sight.

Have you seen anyone like this? I bet you have 😀

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